I need egg donation

Waterstone Clinic has been offering Egg Donation in Ireland since 2006 so you are in experienced hands.

Egg donation is a process by which a woman (the ‘donor) provides one or several (usually 10-15) eggs in order to help another woman (the ‘recipient’) become pregnant. The procedure involves the donor undergoing an IVF cycle and the resultant eggs are fertilised with the recipient’s partner’s sperm. The embryo(s) is/are transferred into the womb of the recipient. For women unable to conceive using their own eggs, donor egg treatment allows for a woman to carry a child.

Who is it for?

Egg donation is an option for women who are unable to produce eggs or those with poor quality eggs. Reasons for this include:

  • Primary ovarian failure including Turner’s syndrome.
  • Premature menopause
  • Infertility as a result of chemotherapy
  • Poor responders to IVF with their own eggs

What does it involve?

There are two sources of donor eggs:

Source Criteria
Known Donor Frequently a friend or relative Donors should be 21-37 years and have completed their family
Unknown Donor Waterstone Clinic affiliated clinics in Spain or US.


Self-sourced fertility clinic outside Ireland

Anonymous donor– sourced and screened by the fertility clinic abroad. Matched for hair colour, eye colour and height.


Non-anonymous donor– less readily available. Sourced and screened by the fertility clinic abroad. More detailed information available including the option of contacting the donor when the child is 18 or older.



The recipient couple and their donor (if using a donor known to you) are invited to meet with the Egg Donation Co-ordinator to have the egg donation process explained in detail.


Having a child through egg donation is a big step, and both couple (and donor if using a known donor) may have questions and concerns which don’t surface until they have attended counselling. It is a mandatory requirement that the couple and their donor (if applicable) undergo counselling before embarking on treatment.


The donor:

The donor is screened initially and 120 days after that first screen for the following:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

The donor will also require further testing including cystic fibrosis carrier testing and blood karyotyping.

The recipient couple:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

The treatment cycle

Waterstone clinic fertility specialists will support you throughout your cycle, liaise with the egg donation clinic and perform all scans and investigations deemed necessary by the clinic you are attending. This means you are only required to travel abroad for the initial consultation at the egg donation clinic and for embryo transfer.

Egg Donation Abroad

Due to the difficulty recruiting egg donors in Ireland, couples are forced to look to other countries in their search for an egg donor. In an effort to protect their interests and ensure they receive the best care, our team has developed an Egg Donation Support Service.

Couples we assist say that local support helps alleviate some of the stress involved in undergoing donor egg treatment in a foreign country, and that it is helpful to have an experienced clinician acting as intermediary between themselves and the service provider.

Most of the groundwork for treatment is carried out in Ireland, with a maximum of two trips to the clinic abroad. The simplicity of the service enables couples to have treatment abroad with minimum disruption to their everyday lives.

We have established links with a number of clinics in Europe and the USA, including Shady Grove in Washington www.shadygrovefertility.com and Clinica Vistahermosa in Spain www.clinicavistahermosa.es.

Shady Grove Fertility is a leading provider of donor egg treatment in the United States, performing over 1,000 cycles a year. Shady Grove Fertility’s success stems from their uncompromising pregnancy and delivery rates as well as their unique financial programs which help make treatment more affordable.

We are also equally happy to work with a clinic of your choosing.

For information on Egg Donation clinics in Europe and the USA, and for a price list covering all elements of the Egg Donation services we offer, please contact our Egg Donation Coordinator.

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