Publicly Funded Treatment

Waterstone Clinic is a HSE-Approved Fertility Clinic.

The long-awaited public funding for IVF treatment is now available via the HSE. It will provide much-needed support for couples struggling with infertility.

The HSE has outlined specific eligibility criteria, and patients who meet them will have access to IUI and/or one cycle of IVF/ICSI treatment in their preferred clinic.


Eligibility Criteria 

For Exact Criteria, please see the HSE Fertility Website. Patients must:

  • Be residents of the Republic of Ireland
  • Be aged between 18-40 (females) and 18-59 (males)
  • Have a BMI of between 18.5 – 30 (female only)
  • Be in a heterosexual relationship with their partner for at least 1 year
  • Have no children with their current partner, and either partner can have no more than one living child from a previous relationship
  • Have had no more than one cycle of IVF/ICSI treatment previously and no embryos in storage
  • Have no history of sterilisation (e.g. vasectomy or tubal ligation)


The Process


Step One: Speak to Your GP

Your GP will assess you and discuss the process with you. Then, your GP can refer you to your local Fertility Hub (there are 6 across the country).

Step Two: Assessment at the Fertility Hub

The Fertility Hub will arrange appointments for you and perform fertility assessments at the Hub.  Following these assessments, they may recommend a treatment plan for you.

Step Three: Choose Your Preferred Clinic 

The Fertility Hub will make your treatment plan and ask you to select your preferred private fertility clinics. Waterstone Clinic is an approved provider.  The Fertility Hub will refer you to the private clinic.

Step Four: Start Your Treatment Cycle

Within 6 weeks of your referral, you will have a consultation at Waterstone Clinic. We will explain all the processes and consent forms in the clinic and let you know what to expect at every stage. We will then make arrangements for you to start your treatment cycle within a few weeks. Depending on the plan made by the Fertility Hub, your treatment will be IUI, IVF, or ICSI.

Step Five: Pregnancy Scans

Following your treatment, we will arrange your early pregnancy scans.


Treatments Covered

If you require IUI treatment, the HSE will support up to three cycles of IUI. They will discuss the number of cycles with you. If you require IVF or ICSI treatment, the HSE will support one cycle of treatment.

Following your IVF or ICSI treatment, if you have embryos remaining, the HSE will fund the freezing and storage of those embryos free of charge for a limited time. If you have a successful pregnancy following your round of treatment, they will fund the storage of the embryos for up to two years following your child’s birth. If your cycle is not successful, the HSE will continue to fund the storage and use of the embryos from your cycle of IVF/ICSI until you either have a successful pregnancy or use each of the embryos. If you have a successful cycle following the use of your frozen embryos and still have embryos remaining, they will fund the storage of the remaining embryos for up to two years following your child’s birth.


Treatment Package: What is Included?

The treatment package includes everything you will require as part of your treatment cycle:

  • Pre-treatment consultation with our fertility specialists to detail your upcoming treatment cycle
  • Patient Portal access and Electronic Consent forms to cover all elements of your treatment
  • Management of your IUI or IVF/ICSI treatment plan, including the issue of your prescription
  • Ultrasound follicle tracking scans
  • Treatment Procedure (IUI or egg collection procedure)
  • IV Sedation for Egg Collection Procedure (for IVF or ICSI only)
  • Laboratory Procedures, including sperm collection and preparation, and IVF/ICSI laboratory procedures, including fertilisation, embryo culture and embryo monitoring.
  • Embryo Transfer procedure (IVF or ICSI only)
  • Early Pregnancy Scans



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