Fertility Preservation

Sperm Freezing

Protect Your Fertility

Sperm freezing (cryopreservation) preserves sperm for future use in treatment. Waterstone Clinic are freezing specialists and lead the way in Ireland, delivering gold-standard freezing services and superior success rates.

Why Freeze Sperm?

There are many reasons for freezing sperm, such as:

  • To preserve fertility before undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy
  • As a backup before undergoing a vasectomy
  • If sperm quality is deteriorating or you have a low sperm count
  • If you will not be able or present to produce a fresh sample during an IVF treatment cycle
  • As part of surgical sperm extraction treatment (e.g. TESE) in advance of an ICSI treatment cycle.


The Sperm Freeze Process

Once you produce the sample, the laboratory staff will assess its suitability for cryopreservation. To freeze it, the andrologist will add a cryoprotectant medium (a fluid that protects the cells during sperm freezing) to the sample and freeze the sperm in high-security sperm straws. The frozen straws are then stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196°C in our long-term storage facility.


Using the Sperm

When you wish to use the sperm, our fertility specialists will advise which treatment option will be recommended, depending on your individual situation. Frozen sperm can be used as part of IUI treatment, IVF treatment and ICSI treatment.