Scientific excellence


Scientific Leadership

An IVF laboratory’s success requires both excellent facilities and expert know-how.

Our experienced scientists are scientific leaders, focused on producing babies from treatment. 

Our laboratories have the best equipment and resources to create optimal conditions for embryo development.

Our scientists deliver exceptional success rates that match and exceed rates from top clinics in the USA and UK.


Delivering Success

Our experienced scientists attend and scrutinise every detail and step of laboratory procedures, embryo development and cryopreservation. They work to the highest level and, most importantly, deliver success.

You can be assured that these advanced techniques are successful in our hands. 

Our team use gold-standard methodologies and have proven the success of our treatments. Pioneering open vitrification in Ireland for egg freezing, we have demonstrated its superior success rates through our imported frozen donor egg programme where our team have proven their specialised skills of egg thaw and fertilisation with an egg survival rate of over 90% and a live birth rate of over 65% from each batch of eggs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programme

Our latest advancement in fertility treatment technology: an artificial intelligence tool to assist with embryo selection.

The embryologists at Waterstone Clinic use timelapse imagery from the Embryoscope+ incubator to monitor developing embryos.

They also now use an AI tool to analyse the development patterns further and rank the embryos on their likelihood of achieving a pregnancy. The scientific team is conducting comprehensive validation research to provide clear evidence-based insights into this new technology.

This latest innovation marks a new era for fertility treatment at the Clinic. Alongside embryologists’ evaluations, we believe this cutting-edge AI technology will enhance patient success rates.

Building Families with Less Treatment

Our fresh transfers deliver outstanding success rates, and our pregnancy rates from our frozen transfers equal our fresh transfers.

Our expertise in cryopreservation delivers a 98% survival rate for frozen embryos, meaning many of our patients can build their entire families from just one round of IVF. We include frozen transfers in our cumulative success rates so patients can meaningfully explore their chances of success.

Embryo Biopsy Specialists

We providing a highly successful Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) programme. Our laboratory in Cork has a dedicated advanced biopsy laboratory, ensuring our embryologists can carry out embryo biopsy procedures in ideal conditions.

Monitoring our Success

We continuously monitor and audit the procedures and success rates from the laboratory. Fertility medicine is constantly developing, and as new techniques and technologies emerge, our scientists evaluate if they should be incorporated into our scientific practice.

Clinical audit is central to improving ART and the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Our senior scientists monitor key laboratory performance indicators to ensure we maximise live birth rates for patients.

During your consultation or treatment cycle, you may be invited to participate in a research study. If you choose to participate, you may contribute vital information that could enhance the future of reproductive medicine.

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