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The Fertility Podcast

Our podcast series with our fertility experts from Waterstone Clinic will help you decipher fertility facts from fiction as you navigate your fertility journey. No matter what stage you are at on the fertility journey, our podcast is a go-to resource for evidence-based fertility facts and everything you need to know.

We record our podcasts live: you can attend online and submit questions. 

Our next podcast event will be at the end of July – date to be confirmed.

Season 2 Episodes

IVF: The Prep & The Process: Fertility Consultant Dr Alexandra Toth explains the IVF process step by step. She gives advice on how to prepare and tips for anyone considering IVF treatment.

LGBTQ+ Family Building with Donor Sperm Building your family with Pride! What’s involved in the process for same-sex couples? Donor sperm coordinator Ursula Lynch discusses everything same-sex couples need to know about family building with donor sperm, including fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, and Shared Motherhood.

Why Should I Freeze Eggs? Fertility Specialist Laura Hackett discusses planning for the future, and keeping your fertility options open.

Egg Donation: Egg Donation specialist Anna Feeney gives a step by step guide through the process of Egg Donation treatment, including choosing a donor and the embryo transfer treatment.

Season 1 Episodes

Do I Have A Fertility Problem? Dr Orla Power gives an introduction to the common fertility problems we see in the Clinic and the initial fertility investigations and what they can tell us.

Male Fertility: Dr Tim Dineen gives an overview of male fertility issues and explains male fertility testing and the treatments we can use to address male fertility issues

Should I Freeze My Eggs?: Dr Orla Power guides is through the Egg Freezing process, who it is for and what to expect along the way.

Is IVF Right For Me? Dr John Waterstone gives a detailed look at IVF treatment, the process involved, and success rates you can expect from IVF treatment.

Solo Motherhood & Donor Sperm: Donor Sperm specialist Ursula Lynch gives a step-by-step guide to the process of becoming a solo mum by choice, from choosing a donor to starting into treatment.

Ask The Expert: Celebrating World Fertility Day, Dr Waterstone hosts a Q+A Session answering all your burning questions about fertility.

The Emotional Side of IVF: Fertility Counsellor Marian O’Tuama explains what to expect when going through IVF and gives advice and recommendations on the emotional side of IVF

IMAGE Talks Fertility Podcast

Getting Started: Fertility Specialist Laura Hackett explains everything you need to know about getting started on the journey, from your initial tests to looking after yourself.

IVF at 40 Dr John Waterstone discusses IVF with patients who are over 40, and Maria describes her journey to becoming a solo mum at 40.

Male Fertility: Dr Tim Dineen explains male fertility testing and treatments, and patients Aine and James tell their story of becoming parents after male infertility.

Egg Donation: Dr Eithne Lowe explains the medical process of Egg Donation Treatment and Fertility Counsellor Marian O’Tuama explains Implications Counselling and the emotional side of treatment.

Fertility & The Holiday Season: Our amazing team of Dr Eithne Lowe, fertility specialist Laura Hackett and counsellor Marian O’Tuama sit in conversation to discuss the Fertility Journey and navigating life while undergoing treatment.

Everything You Need To Know About IVF: Dr Eithne Lowe and fertility nurse Martina Kelly discuss the process of IVF treatment before patients Claire and Barry discuss their journey of treatment abroad before success at Waterstone Clinic.