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When you decide to start your fertility journey, you need to know that your clinic will offer you the best chance of having a baby.

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“I always knew it was going to be difficult to have a baby…. I became pregnant with my baby Casey and he’s now 14 months old, and I really still can’t believe he’s here, and I can’t believe he’s mine”


“We were told there was no hope for us…  so I started doing research, and I came across Waterstone… we couldn’t have been treated any better. I get emotional just thinking about it. I have the two most gorgeous babies in the world that I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for here.”


“The [boys] are from the one cycle – so they’re brothers, but they were made on the same day. So he was made 3 and a half years before he was born – it’s magic!”

Lisa & Rob

“I think if I didn’t have that support, maybe I would have given up, but I just think the support that I had from everybody, from the nurses, from the front desk staff, I think that’s really what led to me having my success in the clinic”


“I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant with Baby #3. The care I received from start to finish was fantastic. Every call, query or question I had, every single time, was treated very well. I would highly recommend Waterstone Clinic without a doubt to anyone considering their fertility options. As daunting as the journey can be, I wouldn’t change a thing about my treatment.”

from N

“They know who you are as soon as you say your name…. they just know you.”

Anne & Timms

Freezing my eggs freed me up in many ways to make the right choices. You can’t control whatever happens in the future but… overall, I found it to be a very empowering and reassuring thing to do. It was a relief… it relaxed me in terms of dating… Like everybody, I wanted to find love for all the right reasons. And I didn’t want the baby-making thing to be a driving factor… So I just thought, do you know what, I’m going to take this one thing — this ticking time bomb — and give myself some reassurance and insurance for the future.


“Don’t think you’re being dramatic or over-worrying. You’re either being told everything is perfect, or “This is off, and this is our plan’… It’s the peace of mind, I think that was the key.”


“Our experience with Waterstone Clinic was nothing but amazing from our very first consultation to seeing our positive pregnancy test!  We will be forever grateful for the care from the amazing staff.”

from L

“If you have the right clinic, everything is easy”

Lisa & Niamh

“We had an incredible experience with Waterstone Clinic. They made our journey positive and have been very supportive throughout. They were very kind and gave us hope. They always made us feel comfortable, and we can’t thank them enough for making our dreams come true”.

from P

“I want to let people know that IVF is successful. It does help people. I think a lot of people think, Oh god, it never works the first time for people, and you’ll have to try a few times. But I’m living proof that it can happen… I’ve had two babies through IVF and success with IVF the first time around on both babies.”


“We always felt comfortable coming into the clinic. From the front desk to the clinical team, you are treated so kindly and with compassion. Always felt fully informed and had no worries asking questions.”

from A

Our Medical Team

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Dr John Waterstone

Medical Director, Consultant Gynaecologist
Featured Image Featured Image

Dr Eithne Lowe

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine
Dr Peter Wiegandt Dr Peter Wiegandt

Dr Peter Wiegandt

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine
Dr Dorota Wickiewicz Dr Dorota Wickiewicz

Dr Dorota Wickiewicz

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine
Dr Alexandra Toth Dr Alexandra Toth

Dr Alexandra Toth

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine
Dr Komagal Selvakumar Dr Komagal Selvakumar

Dr Komagal Selvakumar

Fertility Specialist

Our Fertility Podcast

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Our Fertility Podcast

In our ongoing podcast series, "I'd Like To Know.... The Fertility Podcast", we are making sure you have evidence-based information about a wide range of fertility areas, direct from the experts.
22 February 2024
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