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Waterstone Clinic is Ireland’s leading fertility clinic, offering pioneering fertility science and exceptional care. For over the last twenty years, Waterstone Clinic has provided exceptional fertility care to patients all around Ireland and has grown to a collection of five clinics nationwide.

Delivering Ireland’s best success rates, Waterstone Clinic has an international reputation for excellence. We are a progressive organisation, incorporating the latest advances in reproductive medicine and leading the introduction of new techniques in Ireland. Our team of experienced clinicians at Waterstone Clinic prides itself on driving the quality of treatments available to patients in Ireland.

Waterstone Clinic was the first clinic in Ireland to deliver babies born following Pre-implantation genetic testing, pre-implantation genetic screening, and Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction (MicroTESE) techniques. Waterstone Clinic was also the first Irish clinic to implement routine blastocyst culturing, paving the way for elective single embryo transfer. Our clinic was the first to successfully use Vitrification for embryo cryopreservation, which improves the viability of frozen embryos.

Waterstone Clinic pushes the boundaries for patients. We are innovators committed to the best for our patients.

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