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Egg Donation

Egg Donation Programmes at Waterstone Clinic

Waterstone Clinic has extensive experience in donation treatments. Our programme is Ireland’s longest-running egg donation programme. Our pro with short waiting times and excellent success rates.

We offer a range of treatment options from treatment with imported donor eggs, patient-sourced donors (e.g., a sister, cousin, or friend), and treatment coordination services for patients who undergo treatment abroad with partnered clinics.

Our Donor Egg Programme

Our imported donor egg programme has a guarantee, and short waiting times. Partnering with a donor recruitment clinic in Europe, you can select a donor who matches your characteristics and preferences. Once your donor is genetically matched to you, we import the frozen donor eggs. All your treatment, including all scans, embryo development, and your embryo transfer, takes place in Ireland.

This programme has a guarantee of 2 blastocysts and/or 1 transfer. Our programme has over a 65% success rate.

Donor Egg Process:
Step by Step

Coordination Meetings: You will have meetings with our egg donation team and an implications counselling session. The team will also complete some pre-treatment tasks with you.

Donor Selection: Using the database, you can select a donor. We will perform a genetic compatibility test. The donor recruitment clinic will then approve your chosen donor for your use.

Egg Importation: The team will facilitate the importation of the eggs to our laboratory. We safely store them until you are ready to start your treatment cycle. 

Embryo Transfer: When you start treatment, our embryologists use the eggs to create embryos. Your embryo transfer will take place at Waterstone Clinic

Pregnancy Test: Two weeks after your embryo transfer, you will take your pregnancy test and arrange your early pregnancy scans with our clinical team.

Our Dedicated
Support Team

Getting started is simple. We have a dedicated Egg Donation Team who coordinate your treatment and guide you through the process.

The first step is to meet with one of our consultant specialists to discuss your situation and preferences. You will then meet with a fertility nurse specialist who has expertise in egg donation, to discuss your treatment plan and choices.

The nurses and coordinators in the Egg Donation team are available to provide advice and support throughout.

Treatment Abroad

We provide coordination services and linked care for patients who wish to attend partnered clinics abroad. We partner with URHV Cliníca Vistahermosa, Spain and Shady Grove Fertility, USA. Both of these clinics provide anonymous donors.

The team at Waterstone Clinic will facilitate your scans and appointments, and you will travel to the treating clinic for your embryo transfer.

Packages with Shady Grove Fertility can include a Baby Guarantee.

Patient-Sourced Donor Programme

Donors who are “patient-sourced” are known to you and donate specifically to you, e.g., a sister, friend, or cousin. If you have someone who will donate to you, we have an affordable, accessible, and long-standing donor programme.

Our team will guide you through the process and implications. We have a comprehensive programme to assist you at every point.


Who Are the Donors?

Donors are young women, generally in their twenties; all donors are identifiable. We work with a European donor recruitment bank, which screens donors following international best practices. The number of egg donors globally is limited as egg donation is an extended process that donors do not undertake lightly. Donors receive a small remuneration, and many donate their eggs altruistically.

How Successful Is Treatment With Donor Eggs?

Our imported donor egg programme is highly effective and delivers exceptional success. The European donor recruitment clinic we partner with freezes the eggs using our agreed-upon technique before exporting them to Waterstone Clinic. Our team thaws and fertilises the eggs at Waterstone Clinic before transferring the resulting embryos to our patients.

Our unwavering dedication to scientific excellence delivers an egg survival rate of over 90% and a live birth rate of over 65% from each collection of frozen eggs across more than one hundred completed cycles.

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