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Is It Time To See A Specialist?

Fertility Check

Our fertility testing is advanced and affordable. Our fertility advisor team will guide you on which investigations are recommended for your situation. We recommend that you have some tests completed before your consultation to make the most of your meeting with the fertility specialist. 

Getting Started

Couples Fertility Testing

If you are in a couple, we recommend that both partners have fertility tests. This will allow us to assess your fertility potential together and make recommendations with you both in mind.

Individual Fertility Testing

Everyone should have the information they need to manage their fertility. Some simple tests will help you get started and know your options.

Speak to a Specialist

Whether you are single or in a couple, speaking to a specialist will help you plan. The fertility consultation will give you a wealth of information on your fertility and the options available.

At the fertility consultation, our specialists will review your medical history and the results of your fertility assessments. In discussion with you, they will give fertility advice and create a personalised plan for you, detailing their recommendations.

Following your consultation, the fertility specialist will send you a comprehensive letter detailing the recommendations and advice for you to consider and review.

Female Fertility Tests

These fertility tests will explore your female fertility. A full assessment includes a panel of hormone blood tests and a fertility-focused ultrasound scan. The fertility specialist will review the results and give you recommendations. The tests will give you information on your current fertility status, fertility timeline, and your options for treatment or fertility preservation.


Male Fertility Tests

This initial fertility test will explore male fertility. The assessment is called a semen analysis and examines a sample to give information on your fertility potential. The fertility specialist will review the results and give you recommendations and suggestions, and the results will guide the team if treatment is necessary.

“Knowing where you stand with your fertility will allow you to make decisions”

Laura Hackett

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