Having fertility checks and accessing your reproductive health information will help you know where you stand.

Whether you’re some time away or trying for a family now, knowing your reproductive health information gives you options.

Don’t ‘wait and see’ with something as important as fertility.

If you are actively trying for a baby, having an assessment early on can make a huge difference to the success of treatment. 1 in 6 couples will have difficulties conceiving, it is very common. Not every couple will need treatment: many just need good advice or a simple intervention.

If you’re not trying for children right now, our advanced medical fertility health checks can help you plan proactive steps to protect your fertility.

Tests for Men

We can explore male fertility with some simple tests

Tests for Women

There are a range of tests to explore female fertility

What Will The Tests Tell Me?

We know fertility averages for men and women and that it declines with age, but fertility is still individual. Once we have your results from our advanced medical fertility tests, we can use that knowledge and science to help us plan and make informed decisions. The tests will give you a wealth of information on your reproductive health, including:

1. Information on your Eggs or Sperm

2. Your Unique Fertility Timeline

3. Suggested Plans of Action

We will give you recommendations based on your results and the latest scientific research whether you are actively trying for a family now, or interested in having a family in the future.

Fertility Tests
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