Getting pregnant and having a baby should be the most natural thing in the world. 85% of people who have regular unprotected intercourse (3 times a week) will become pregnant within a year.

However, some people do need a helping hand, with approximately 1 in 5 couples experiencing fertility problems. The earlier advice is sought the better the chance of success.

Remember, the majority of couples who see a fertility specialist will have a baby, with or without treatment.

Male Fertility

This section details the methods used to diagnose male subfertility at Waterstone Clinic. Both partners must be investigated because an appropriate plan of management cannot be formulated without considering both male and female factors.

Female Fertility

There are many reasons why a woman may have difficulty getting pregnant naturally. A variety of investigations may be required in order to determine the reason for her fertility difficulties. This section provides information on the various tests used to diagnose female subfertility at Waterstone Clinic.


Life-style factors are also hugely important to maximise the chance of pregnancy.

Who should we see about fertility concerns?

You can self-refer or seek referral through your GP or gynaecologist. You may also self-refer via our My Fertility Check service. Ideally, some initial blood tests will be carried out prior to your consultation as having these results provides important information which enables our fertility specialists to give a considered opinion on the day and effectively makes the process more efficient. Don’t worry if you are unable to have the tests before attending as we can arrange everything for you that day.

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