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We are so proud to be part of your stories. Our patients have kindly shared their stories here to spread hope, inspiration and encouragement to others who are starting their journey.

“The stories of success used be the only thing to make me believe it could happen for us.” – Caroline

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Choosing the Right Clinic

Claire and Barry travelled abroad for IVF in Prague. With no success and broken hearts, they found Waterstone Clinic. Now proud parents to two beautiful children, they recorded a podcast episode with us and have shared their story on and Newstalk FM to help others find a trustworthy clinic.

"OII was all I needed..."

Caroline was convinced she would need IVF, but a gentle ovulation induction made her a mum to baby Ollie:


“This is just a picture I want to share for anyone struggling with fertility. I walked into the Clinic last August bewildered and scared, and I met with Dr John Waterstone. From there, I had a small procedure in September, started Clomid in October and was pregnant in November. He gave me the greatest gift of all, which was the chance to become a mammy, and I will never be able to thank him or his wonderful team enough. So I hope this message brings hope as it’s from a mama that struggled over two and a half years before attending the Clinic.”

Experiencing Male Infertility

Àine and James experienced male factor infertility and sat down with IMAGE to discuss their journey. As Dr Tim Dineen, a specialist in male fertility at Waterstone Clinic, explains, fertility issues stem from men just as much as they do from women. Getting all the information will help you and your partner be in the best place to start your journey to parenthood.

Couples should always both have assessments, as male fertility issues can often be asymptomatic. James’ advice for men thinking about having a family with their partner is simple: “It’s just a quick test, just have it done, and talk about it”.

Going It Alone: Single Mums By Choice

Mary Butler was approaching her 40s when she decided that if she wanted to become a mother, she may have to go it alone. Her doctor put her in contact with Waterstone Clinic, and after getting the green light to go ahead, she gave birth to her daughter Iris in May of last year.

“I am so proud of how we have become a family.”

"We expected it to be much more challenging than it was…."

Vesela and Inigo become pregnant with twin girls, Olivia and Sophia, on their first round of IVF.


I know some people find IVF difficult or overwhelming, but we had a positive experience. From the moment the process started with Waterstone Clinic, we were treated so well. We expected it to be much more challenging than it was…. Only one viable embryo developed, so we only had one chance to get pregnant in the first cycle. We were so delighted that it was a successful first cycle for us!”

Becoming Grandparents

Thank you so much for the unimagined pleasure of becoming grandparents to our grandson who is a month old today. Without the expert help of your clinic, this little miracle would not have been possible. Our sincere thanks to you and your wonderful team, especially to you and the nurses who cared for them through the whole process. They were always available to reassure her when they were a little shaky! We know they were lucky that the procedure worked the first time, but the dice is loaded in the hands of experts.
Thank you again for the wonderful pleasure we are already experiencing as Pops & Nana. It’s fantastic, makes me smile every day! 
Continued success to you all. 
With our very best wishes & thanks.
Two new grandparents

“I always knew it was going to be difficult to have a baby…. I became pregnant with my baby Casey and he’s now 14 months old, and I really still can’t believe he’s here, and I can’t believe he’s mine”


“Our experience with Waterstone Clinic was nothing but amazing from our very first consultation to seeing our positive pregnancy test!  We will be forever grateful for the care from the amazing staff.”

from L

“I want to let people know that IVF is successful. It does help people. I think a lot of people think, Oh god, it never works the first time for people, and you’ll have to try a few times. But I’m living proof that it can happen… I’ve had two babies through IVF and success with IVF the first time around on both babies.”


“We always felt comfortable coming into the clinic. From the front desk to the clinical team, you are treated so kindly and with compassion. Always felt fully informed and had no worries asking questions.”

from A

“We had an incredible experience with Waterstone Clinic. They made our journey positive and have been very supportive throughout. They were very kind and gave us hope. They always made us feel comfortable, and we can’t thank them enough for making our dreams come true”.

from P

“They know who you are as soon as you say your name…. they just know you.”

Anne & Timms

“The [boys] are from the one cycle – so they’re brothers, but they were made on the same day. So he was made 3 and a half years before he was born – it’s magic!”

Lisa & Rob

“I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant with Baby #3. The care I received from start to finish was fantastic. Every call, query or question I had, every single time, was treated very well. I would highly recommend Waterstone Clinic without a doubt to anyone considering their fertility options. As daunting as the journey can be, I wouldn’t change a thing about my treatment.”

from N

“If you have the right clinic, everything is easy”

Lisa & Niamh

“Don’t think you’re being dramatic or over-worrying. You’re either being told everything is perfect, or “This is off, and this is our plan’… It’s the peace of mind, I think that was the key.”


Listen to More Patient Stories

In our podcast with IMAGE magazine, IMAGE Talks Fertility, we took a deep dive into all things fertility. Dominique McMullan, IMAGE Media’s Editorial Director, speaks to women and men whose fertility journeys mirror the paths that so many of you are walking. She puts listener questions to our experts and gets advice and explanations that will help guide you, wherever you may be on your journey.

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