Payment Policy

Our Payment Policy

The Waterstone Clinic payment policy was updated in November 2019.


Our policy at Waterstone Clinic is that all treatments must be made in advance.

There is no credit facility for treatments or services.

Our Policy

  • All treatment cycles must be paid in full by the date of your baseline scan (you will be informed of this date when your treatment cycle begins).
  • Treatments cannot proceed if payments are not up to date.
  • Services (semen analysis, blood tests, etc) can be paid on the day.
  • Embryo/Sperm/Egg Cryopreservation (freezing) fees must be paid in full before freezing.
  • For freezing renewal, fees must be paid in full a month before the renewal date.

Payment Types

We accept payments made by cash, cheque, bank draft, electronic transfer (EFT) and most credit cards.

Please note that maximum daily transaction limits may apply to some cards, please check with your bank.

For EFT our bank details are as follows:

  • Bank Name: Allied Irish
  • Bank Address: 66 South Mall, Cork
  • Sort Code: 93-40-03Account: 01215448
  • IBAN: IE77 AIBK 9340 0301 2154 48
  • Payment Reference: Patient Name/DOB or Acc ID

If paying by electronic transfer, please bring a receipt of transferred funds with you to the clinic.


Cancelled Cycles Policy

At times it is in your best interest to pause or change treatment after it has begun. If your treatment is changed to a procedure that is either less complex or more specialised, the fee will be reduced or increased respectively. If we need to discontinue your treatment, our fee will be reduced to reflect the stage at which the treatment stops, and we will return part of your payment.


Treatment Coordination Package Policy

There are a number of specialised treatments, that require a treatment coordination fee. These packages, for Donation treatments and Pre-implantation Genetic Testing, are required to begin the work required before treatment begins. The treatment coordination fees are non-refundable. The cost for treatment is then payable before the fertility treatment begins when booking your baseline scan.



If you have any questions, contact Waterstone Clinic Accounts or speak to any member of our Reception Team on 021-4865764

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