Our Scientific Team

Waterstone Clinic has built the most advanced laboratory of its kind in Ireland, and our facilities are matched by our incredible team of scientists. Our scientific team have medical, research and technical backgrounds, with most holding PhD degrees.

Our team of embryologists and andrologists are led by Dr Tim Dineen and Dr Xiao Zhang.

Our embryologists are responsible for assisting with all laboratory based fertility procedures; monitoring and incubating embryos; assessing and freezing eggs, sperm and embryos; performing biopsies on embryos; and maintaining clinical records. Our senior embryologists are certified in their speciality by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), which is an internationally recognised laboratory qualification. 

Our andrologists specialise in male health and fertility. They are responsible for semen analysis; semen cryopreservations; sperm preparations for IUI and IVF/ICSI; and maintaining clinical records. 

Our embryologists and andrologists work as a team and you will meet them during your treatment. 

Dr Tim Dineen

Senior Clinical Embryologist & Laboratory Manager

Dr Tim Dineen is a founding member of Waterstone Clinic and leads the Embryology and Andrology teams in the Waterstone lab. Dr Dineen received his PhD from NUI Galway and undertook further specialist training in Genetic Counselling. Dr Dineen is an ESHRE certified Senior Clinical Embryologist and has a keen...
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Dr Xiao Zhang

Senior Embryologist, Head of Research & Development

Dr Xiao Zhang is the Head of Research & Development at Waterstone Clinic. Dr Zhang is a medical doctor and general surgeon, who received a PhD in Reproductive Medicine from Peking University in China. In 2003, he was the first doctor to achieve an assisted pregnancy from frozen eggs in...
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Adrienn Kovacs

Senior Embryologist

Adrienn Kovacs is a senior embryologist in the laboratory. She joined the team in 2008 as a proficient ICSI practitioner and was central to the establishment of the donor sperm service in the clinic. Adri is part of the embryo biopsy team at Waterstone Clinic which offers our successful PGD...
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Dr Julie O'Callaghan


Dr Julie O'Callaghan graduated with a Bachelor of Genetics (honours) from University College Cork in 2004. She then proceeded to complete a PhD and post-doctoral research in the area of Molecular Genetics, specifically focusing on 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Cystic Fibrosis host interactions'. This research resulted in a number of presentations...
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Ramona Mihart


Ramona Mihart is an embryologist in the laboratory. Her main interests include reproductive genetics, and safety and quality in Assisted Reproduction Techniques. She was involved in the validation of an oocyte vitrification system that has been introduced in the clinic and is a central member of the embryo biopsy team...
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Jennifer Culligan


Jennifer Culligan is an embryologist in our laboratory.. She has a keen interest in male infertility and is the co-coordinator of the clinic’s donor sperm programme. Jennifer is an active member the Irish Clinical Embryologists society (ICE), and has been a member of the executive committee, as well as being...
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Our Milestones
Ireland’s First MicroTESE birth Jan-17
Ireland’s First PGT-M Birth Jun-14
First clinical PGT-M Pregnancy Nov-13
PGD first introduced Oct-12
Vitrification freezing technique introduced Apr-12
Embryo donation introduced Oct-11
Birth of first babies (twins) from an egg donation pregnancy Nov-06
Birth of first baby after ICSI with surgically obtained sperm Apr-04
Birth of first baby after Frozen Embryo Transfer Nov-03
Birth of first IVF twins Jun-03
Birth of first IVF baby May-03
Birth of first ICSI baby Mar-03
First egg collection Jul-02
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