Fertility Nurse Specialists

We have a team of over 25 fertility nurse specialists at Waterstone Clinic across our five clinics.

Their roles are dedicated to supporting you through your journey to becoming parents. With backgrounds in nursing and midwifery, they guide you carefully through the treatment process and are always available to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Our team has completed comprehensive fertility medicine training, and our senior nurses are specially trained fertility ultrasonographers. Our team also has nurses with expertise in specialist programmes: Egg Donation, Sperm Donation and Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing.


Mary McAuliffe, Head of Clinical Services 


Mary McAuliffe is Head of Clinical Services at Waterstone Clinic and is a founding member of the fertility nurse specialist team. She trained as a general nurse and midwife and has a vast amount of knowledge in the field of Reproductive Medicine.




Laura Hackett, Clinical Services Manager


Laura Hackett is the Clinical Services Manager for Waterstone Clinic. She trained as a midwife and has a decade of experience working in Reproductive Medicine.






Specialist Services 


 Anna Feeney, Donor Egg Programme 

Anna is a fertility nurse specialist, and she coordinates the donor egg programme at Waterstone Clinic. Anna guides patients through the process, assisting them with their donor match and preparing for treatment.

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Ursula Lynch, Donor Sperm Programme 

Ursula is a fertility nurse specialist and registered general nurse, and she coordinates the donor sperm programme at Waterstone Clinic. Ursula guides patients through the process, assisting them in choosing and importing donor sperm before starting treatment.

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Edel Lane, Pre-implantation Genetic Testing Programme 

Edel is a fertility nurse specialist and registered general nurse, and she coordinates the PGT Programme at Waterstone Clinic. Edel assists patients who need genetic testing, guiding them through the process, and coordinates their cycles with the PGT team in the laboratory.

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Our Milestones
Ireland’s First MicroTESE birth Jan-17
Ireland’s First PGT-M Birth Jun-14
First clinical PGT-M Pregnancy Nov-13
PGD first introduced Oct-12
Vitrification freezing technique introduced Apr-12
Embryo donation introduced Oct-11
Birth of first babies (twins) from an egg donation pregnancy Nov-06
Birth of first baby after ICSI with surgically obtained sperm Apr-04
Birth of first baby after Frozen Embryo Transfer Nov-03
Birth of first IVF twins Jun-03
Birth of first IVF baby May-03
Birth of first ICSI baby Mar-03
First egg collection Jul-02
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