Patient Liaison Team

Our patient liaison team support patients throughout their journey. They are the first port of call for any questions and they ensure an efficient process from your first contact to your consultations and appointments.

The team can provide advice and information on tests required prior to first appointments and guide you through what to expect when you attend.

They will help you through any adminstration and queries you might have throughout.

Our Milestones
Ireland’s First MicroTESE birth Jan-17
Ireland’s First PGT-M Birth Jun-14
First clinical PGT-M Pregnancy Nov-13
PGD first introduced Oct-12
Vitrification freezing technique introduced Apr-12
Embryo donation introduced Oct-11
Birth of first babies (twins) from an egg donation pregnancy Nov-06
Birth of first baby after ICSI with surgically obtained sperm Apr-04
Birth of first baby after Frozen Embryo Transfer Nov-03
Birth of first IVF twins Jun-03
Birth of first IVF baby May-03
Birth of first ICSI baby Mar-03
First egg collection Jul-02
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