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We have been helping our patients to have children for nearly 20 years: over 500 babies are born each year as a result of treatments at our clinic. We know each and every patient’s story is unique and individual, and we are honoured to be with you on your journey. We absolutely love receiving updates from our patients and they often kindly allow us to post them here on our website, or on our Instagram or Facebook to inspire other parents-to-be.


IVF TREATMENT: Debbie’s Story

Debbie Wall spent 6 years trying to conceive naturally without success. Her very first round was successful, and she now has two wonderful children from treatment.

Debbie’s story also featured in RSVP Magazine, where she said:

“I want to let people know that IVF is successful it does help people I think a lot of people think ‘Oh God. it never works first time for people and you’ll have to try a few times,’ but I’m living proof that it can happen so be positive and be patient. I’ve had two babies through IVF and success with IVF first time around on both babies. The staff make you feel relaxed they feel like talking to a friend. Without their help, I wouldn’t have my family and I feel so thankful to them for helping me because I could be sitting here now with no babies if I hadn’t come down to Waterstone Clinic.”

IVF TREATMENT: Alison’s Story 

Alison was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries when she was in her twenties. She had trouble achieving a pregnancy and came to Waterstone Clinic for fertility treatment which led to the birth of her son, Casey.

Alison has since helped us create The Christmas Tree of Hope, to celebrate the miracle babies born through fertility treatment and help to spread hope to parents-in-waiting.

IUI TREATMENT: Aisling & Allan’s story

Aisling and Allan tell their story of undergoing IUI, a simple fertility treatment, which led to the birth of their daughter.

OII TREATMENT: Caroline’s Story

After ovulation induction treatment, a simple fertility treatment, Caroline became a mum to Ollie:

“This is just a picture I want to share for anyone struggling with fertility. I walked into the Cork clinic last August bewildered and scared, and I met with Dr John Waterstone. From there I had a small procedure in September, started Clomid in October and was pregnant in November. He gave me the greatest gift of all that was the chance to become a mammy and I will never be able to thank him or his wonderful team enough. So I hope this message brings hope as it’s from a mama that struggled over two and a half years before attending the Clinic. The stories of success used be the only thing to make me believe it could happen for us.”


Niamh and Rick attended Waterstone Clinic for IVF treatment with pre-implantation genetic screening, leading to the birth of their daughter.


Many people feel worried about starting IVF treatment. Discovering a community of people and supporting each other is very helpful for those undergoing treatment.

IVF TREATMENT: Vesela & Inigo’s Story

Vesela and Inigo were delighted to get pregnant the first time they tried IVF: they conceived twin girls, Olivia and Sophia, on their first round. Telling their story to RSVP Magazine, the couple noted:

I know some people find IVF difficult or overwhelming, but we had a positive experience. From the moment the process started with the Waterstone Clinic, we were treated so well. We expected it to be much more challenging than it was…. We had planned to freeze some embryos, but it turned out that only one viable embryo developed, so we only had one chance to get pregnant in the first cycle. We were so delighted that it was a successful first cycle for us! That embryo split in two and that’s how we have identical twins. We are so, so happy with our girls, Olivia and Sofia.”

IVF TREATMENT: Ann-Marie’s Story

Ann-Marie had trouble conceiving and after a laparoscopy, discovered her Fallopian tubes were blocked. Her very first IVF treatment cycle was a success and led to the birth of her daughter. A second cycle led to the birth of her son.


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