Cryopreservation (Sperm, Eggs and Embryos)

Cryopreservation is a term used to indicate the freezing of embryos, eggs or sperm, in order to preserve them for future use.

For men with low sperm counts or for those who need surgical sperm retrieval, sperm can be frozen prior to IVF treatment. Similarly, sperm freezing is also available for patients undergoing chemotherapy or surgeries that involve the pelvic area.

For those undergoing IVF, we offer the preservation of additional embryos using a vitrification protocol. Vitrification is specially indicated for preserving embryos and eggs. For patients, this means an extra opportunity to return for additional treatment without having to undergo ovarian stimulation.

For single women or women seeking fertility preservation following a diagnosis of cancer, we can vitrify eggs to allow the possibility of having a baby using those eggs in the future.

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