Couples who present for investigation rarely have absolute infertility. Usually, female or male factors and sometimes both are identified, reducing the couple’s chance of conceiving spontaneously (subfertility).

Subfertility investigations determine whether a problem exists and enable a rational discussion about treatment options. At Waterstone Clinic, our philosophy is to investigate thoroughly and ethically. We offer prompt and thorough investigations allowing patients to move quickly to the most appropriate treatment.

We will not over investigate or carry out inaccurate tests when better alternatives exist. We will not exploit patients under our care by recommending unnecessary and expensive investigations.

Whatever the situation, we ensure an efficient pathway through the investigative process to plan your care accordingly.

Listen as one of our past patients discusses where to start on your fertility treatment journey


We recommend that couples who are trying to conceive for more than one year attend a fertility specialist for investigation. However, where a woman is 35 years or older, due to the age-related decline in fertility, it is recommended that you seek treatment after 6 months of trying for a baby.
For those who may not yet be trying for a baby or are curious about their fertility, we encourage a fertility assessment through our My Fertility Check service.

In today’s increasingly specialised medical world, it is important to be assessed in a fertility unit where the clinicians have a proven track record in fertility-enhancing surgery and assisted reproductive techniques.


“We are leaders in fertility care and have been at the forefront of reproductive medicine in Ireland for over 15 years. You can be assured that our clinicians have the necessary skills and experience you need to help you create your family.”

Dr John Waterstone Medical Director


At Waterstone Clinic we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. We have tailored our treatment options to suit your particular situation. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of treatments with our nationwide service.

We are a heterosexual couple

Waterstone Clinic offers a range of investigations and treatment options for heterosexual couples. Find out what is available by clicking here.

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I would like my fertility assessed

Seek advice from our experts about your fertility potential. Click here to read more.

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We are a same-sex couple

We offer a donor sperm treatment for female couples. Click here to find out more about the service and treatment options.

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I am a single woman

Find out the options available to you, whether it is preserving your fertility or pursuing treatment with donor sperm.

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I need donor egg treatment

We offer a comprehensive range of treatment options, with excellent success rates, for those who require a donor egg in order to conceive. Click here to find out more.

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I need donor sperm treatment

Waterstone Clinic offers donor sperm treatment to heterosexual couples, same sex couples and single women.

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I have a known genetic disorder

Waterstone Clinic are proud to offer a successful pre-implantation genetic diagnosis program for those who have a known genetic disease that they wish to avoid passing on to their child.

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I am interested in genetic screening of embryos

Waterstone Clinic offers pre-implantation genetic screening in conjunction with an IVF cycle to couples who wish to have their embryos screened for chromosomal imbalances. Click here to find out more.

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