Shared Motherhood

Shared Motherhood / Reciprocal IVF / Egg Donation treatment

Shared Motherhood is sometimes referred to as Reciprocal IVF or Reciprocal Donation. It is an IVF treatment where the partner who will carry the pregnancy uses embryos created with her partner’s eggs and sperm from a donor. One partner will then be the genetic mother, and the other partner is the birth mother. 

What’s the Process?

The mother who will be the genetic mother undergoes the first stages of the IVF cycle. She takes fertility medication to stimulate her ovaries (superovulation), has all the follicular tracking scans, and then has an egg collection procedure. When the mature eggs are collected, they are inseminated with donor sperm. The mother who will carry the pregnancy is prepared for the embryo transfer and has the embryo transfer procedure.

Is This A New Treatment?

Not at all! Waterstone Clinic has the longest-running egg donation service in Ireland. We have offered egg donation treatment to couples since 2006, and have an incredibly experienced team to deliver this treatment.

Shared Motherhood treatment is facilitated by both our donor sperm co-ordinator and our egg donation co-ordinator.

To contact our Egg Donation co-ordinator to discuss, email or call 0818 333 310

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