Donor Egg Treatment

Donor egg treatment (or “egg donation treatment”) is a fertility treatment where one woman uses the eggs of another woman in order to successfully conceive.

Waterstone Clinic has the longest-running egg donation treatment service in Ireland, offering donor egg services to couples in Ireland since 2006. Our team and egg donation co-ordinator will support you every step of the way.

Our Donor Egg Treatment Programme

Egg donation treatment involves the use of eggs (oocytes) provided by a donor for a cycle of IVF/ICSI treatment. It is an established treatment and is very successful, with success rates up to 70%.

We source our donor eggs our partnered European clinic. Our team, specialised in donor egg treatment, will work with you to explore your preferences. Once you are matched with a donor who meets your criteria, the eggs are collected, prepared and carefully transported to Waterstone Clinic.

Egg Donation Treatment with a Donor Known To The Recipient  

In addition to our donor egg programme, Waterstone Clinic also facilitates treatment with donors who are sourced by the recipient, such as a sister, cousin or friend, who is willing to donate her eggs to you.


Support Services 

We also provide support services to patients who wish to travel abroad for treatment to international clinics with whom we partner, and can also provide individual services for patients who are undergoing treatment in other clinics abroad.


Why Would I Need an Egg Donor?

Most patients explore egg donation treatment as an option after investigations reveal serious fertility concerns, or following unsuccessful fertility treatments. Although some patients may be apprehensive about this fertility treatment, those that have their baby in their arms can attest to the wonderful opportunity egg donation gives to fulfil that dream of carrying and nurturing your baby in the womb, giving birth to your baby, and creating a family.

There are many reasons why egg donation may be suggested as a treatment option:

  • After failed IVF cycles, where egg numbers and/or egg quality were poor
  • Due to premature ovarian insufficiency or premature menopause
  • Due to a lack of ovaries (either from birth or surgery)
  • Due to infertility as a result of cancer treatment
  • Due to certain genetic conditions  | 0818 333 310

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