Donor Egg Treatment

Donor egg treatment (or “egg donation treatment”) is a fertility treatment that involves a woman donating some of her eggs to be used by others to conceive successfully. Donors undergo IVF treatment to collect their eggs, and many donate their eggs altruistically.

We have helped hundreds of patients become parents through our donor egg programme. Waterstone Clinic has the longest-running egg donation treatment service in Ireland, providing egg donation treatment to patients since 2006.

Waterstone Clinic offers fertility treatments using imported donor eggs and eggs from patient-sourced donors. Donor eggs can be used in treatment with partner or donor sperm.

Getting started is simple. The first step is to schedule your fertility assessments and consultation with one of our fertility specialists, where we will review your situation and discuss a treatment plan with you.

Who is Egg Donation Treatment For?

The overall aim of our Donor Egg Programme is to give patients who have been unable to conceive with their own eggs the opportunity to have a baby.

Egg donation may be suggested as a treatment option for patients who:

  • Have had failed IVF cycles, where egg numbers and/or egg quality were low
  • Need to overcome premature ovarian insufficiency or premature menopause
  • Have no ovaries (either from birth or surgery)
  • Are experiencing infertility as a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Wish to avoid certain genetic conditions

Our donor egg team will guide you through the options available and help you take those steps towards building your family.

Treatment Options with Donor Eggs

Following your fertility investigations and considering your situation, the clinician will recommend a treatment. There are several treatment options with donor eggs.

Our Imported Donor Egg Programme

We offer a successful treatment programme with imported donor eggs. We import frozen donor eggs from our recruitment partner clinic in Europe. Donors are matched to your characteristics and preferences and are young women in their twenties who comply with Irish legislation. The egg thaw, fertilisation and embryo transfer procedure takes place in Ireland.

Our Known-Donor Egg Programme

We can facilitate treatment for patients who have a person known to them (i.e. a sister, cousin, or friend) who is willing to be their donor. We have long-standing experience in providing this service if it is an option for you.

Travel Abroad: Treatment Coordination Programme

We provide coordination services and linked care for patients who wish to attend partnered clinics abroad for anonymity or for specific services, e.g. a donor of a particular ethnic origin.

Donor Egg Treatment Process

After meeting with the doctor to discuss your plans, you will speak with the donor egg team who will coordinate the process and guide you through each step. Your first appointments will be with a fertility nurse specialist and our fertility counsellor. The fertility nurse specialists in the donor egg team have extensive experience in donor egg treatment, and they will guide you through the process.

Donor Egg Nurse Meeting

At this meeting, the fertility nurse specialist will explain the donor matching process, information about the treatment, options to consider, and legislation concerning the use of donor eggs in treatment.

Implications Counselling

All patients wishing to embark on donor-assisted treatment must see the fertility counsellor for an implications counselling session. The session is not an assessment but a discussion to explore the practicalities and emotional elements of using a donor to build your family.

Donor Egg Treatment


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