Donor Egg Treatment

Donor egg treatment (or “egg donation treatment”) is a fertility treatment that involves a woman donating some of her eggs to be used by others to conceive successfully. Donors undergo IVF treatment to collect their eggs, and many donate the eggs altruistically.

Waterstone Clinic has the longest-running egg donation treatment service in Ireland, offering donor egg services to patients in Ireland since 2006.

Imported Donor Egg Treatment

We offer a successful treatment programme with imported donor eggs. The donors are matched to your characteristics, and they are identifiable (as per Irish legislation CFRA, 2015).

Once you are matched with a donor, the eggs are collected, prepared and exported to Waterstone Clinic for your treatment.

Known Donor Treatment


We facilitate egg donation treatment for patients who have sourced their own donor, e.g. a sister, cousin or friend, who is willing to donate eggs for your use.

Double Donation


Our donor teams will work with you to choose donors who match your preferences. Once you have chosen the donors, the gametes are imported and embryos are developed in our laboratory for your treatment.

Treatment Coordination


We provide treatment coordination services for patients who wish to travel abroad, providing linked care with Shady Grove Fertility in the USA, and Cliníca Vistahermosa, Spain, for egg donation treatments abroad.


Egg donation treatment is often a good option for treatment after investigations reveal serious fertility concerns, or following unsuccessful fertility treatments. While some may be apprehensive about this fertility treatment, those that have their baby in their arms can attest to the wonderful opportunity egg donation gives to fulfil that dream of carrying and nurturing your baby in the womb, giving birth to your baby, and creating a family.

Egg donation may be suggested as a treatment option:

  • After failed IVF cycles, where egg numbers and/or egg quality were poor
  • To overcome premature ovarian insufficiency or premature menopause
  • If a patient has no ovaries (either from birth or surgery)
  • To overcome infertility as a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy
  • To avoid certain genetic conditions

Our donor egg team will be able to discuss the options with you and help you take steps towards creating your family.

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