Egg Donation

Waterstone Clinic has the longest running egg donation treatment service in Ireland. We have very high success rates and a variety of programmes: you are in good hands.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a treatment that involves using eggs provided by a donor for a cycle of IVF treatment. At Waterstone Clinic, our dedicated egg donation team are with you every step of the way to support your journey.


Why would I need an egg donor?

Few couples come to us seeking egg donation in the first instance, most explore this option after investigations reveal serious fertility concerns, or following unsuccessful fertility treatments. While many are sceptical when considering the option, those that have their baby in their arms can attest to the wonderful opportunity egg donation gives to fulfil that dream of carrying and nurturing your baby in the womb, giving birth to your baby, and making your family.

There are many reasons why egg donation may be suggested as a treatment option. In cases where ovarian function is so poor that the chance of achieving pregnancy with the woman’s own eggs is extremely unlikely; in cases such as:

  • Premature ovarian insufficiency/premature menopause
  • Following IVF cycles where egg numbers and/or egg quality have been severely poor.
  • Where the female partner has had both ovaries surgically removed or has non-functioning ovaries from birth
  • Infertility as a result of chemotherapy
  • Women with Turner’s syndrome

Egg donation usually includes three people: the donor, the recipient woman and recipient partner. The donor undergoes the stimulation part of an IVF cycle to produce several eggs. These eggs are then collected and fertilised with the male recipient’s sperm. One or two of the resultant embryos are transferred into the recipient’s uterus 3- 5 days later in order for her to become pregnant.

Egg donation treatment at Waterstone Clinic

We offer a selection of egg donation packages: egg donation with a known donor, a no-travel option with anonymous or identifiable donors, and a support package when patients travel to clinics abroad. We only partner with international clinics who offer an affordable service that does not compromise on quality, ethics and success.


There are two sources of donor eggs. All donors are screened rigorously before selection for a donor programme.

Source Criteria
Known donor Frequently a friend or relative Donors should be 21-37 years and preferably have completed their family
Unknown donor Waterstone Clinic No-Travel Option

Travel abroad to Waterstone Clinic-affiliated clinics in Europe or USA.

Travel abroad to a fertility clinic of your choosing outside Ireland, with support from Waterstone Clinic

Anonymous donor – sourced and screened by the fertility clinic abroad. Depending on your preferences, the donor may be selected for you, or you may choose your donor.

Identifiable donor – less readily available. Sourced and screened by the fertility clinic abroad. More detailed information available including the option of contacting the donor when the child is 18 or older.


The No-Travel option for Egg Donation treatment will be available from June 2019, allowing all treatment to take place at Waterstone Clinic.

Donors are recruited in Europe. Eggs retrieved from the donor in that cycle are exclusively used for your treatment and are not shared with anyone in Ireland.  The eggs are hand-delivered by embryologists from our partnered European clinic to Waterstone Clinic.

Classic or Extended donor profiles are available, depending on your preferences.

EGG DONATION ABROAD – Waterstone Clinic Support Service

Due to the difficulty recruiting egg donors in Ireland, couples often travel to clinics abroad. In an effort to protect their interests and ensure they receive the best care, our team has developed our Egg Donation Support Service. This support allows most of the groundwork for treatment to be carried out in Ireland, with one or two trips to the clinic abroad. The simplicity of the service enables couples to avail of donor egg treatment abroad with minimum disruption to their everyday lives.

We have established links with a number of clinics in Europe and the USA, including Shady Grove in Washington.

Shady Grove Fertility is a leading provider of donor egg treatment in the United States, performing over 1,000 cycles a year. Shady Grove Fertility’s success stems from their uncompromising pregnancy and delivery rates as well as their unique financial programs which help make treatment more affordable.

We are also happy to work with a clinic of your choosing.

For information on Egg Donation clinics in Europe and the USA, and for a price list covering all elements of the Egg Donation services we offer, please contact our Egg Donation Coordinator.




The patient pathway for egg donation is very simple – consultations with our egg donation coordinator, assessments, preparation for treatment, embryo transfer and a pregnancy test.


Egg Donation Patient Pathway

What are my chances of having a baby from egg donation treatment?

Egg donation carries one of the highest success rates of all fertility treatments. This is due to the selection of young donors, many with proven fertility.

Success Rates










Our in-house treatments, with both known and unknown donors are very successful. Our partnered clinics offer exceptional programmes. Our American affiliated clinic, Shady Grove Fertility holds a 95% success rate on its multi-cycle package.

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