Treatment Options for Single Women

Waterstone Clinic offers a range of treatments to single women, such as exploring your fertility potential, fertility treatments with donor sperm, and egg freezing services.

These tests will help you make informed decisions and choices and explore if egg freezing or treatment with donor sperm might be an option for you.

Donor Sperm Treatments

We have helped hundreds of single women become mothers with the use of donor sperm. Sperm donation is used in conjunction with other fertility treatments, such as IUI or IVF, to achieve pregnancy.

In your initial consultation, your consultant will review your medical history, lifestyle factors and any prior investigations you may have had. We include a transvaginal ultrasound scan as part of the first consultation.

The consultant will discuss the results in detail with you and recommend any further tests (e.g. tubal patency test) if necessary. Depending on your individual situation, intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment or in vitro fertilisation treatment (IVF) will be recommended.


Before undergoing treatment, we will perform:
– Blood tests
– Transvaginal ultrasound
– Tubal patency test (if needed) to ensure the Fallopian tubes are not blocked.

Patients will meet with our Sperm Donation Co-ordinator to explain the process step by step.

Waterstone Clinic only uses sperm from identifiable donors and source the donor sperm from two sperm banks in Denmark:

  • Cryos International Sperm Bank
  • European Sperm Bank

The donors at these clinics go through a rigorous screening process.

You can choose your donor from the sperm donation database, with guidance from our Sperm Donation Co-ordinator.

Success Rates

At Waterstone Clinic, we measure success by the number of babies born, rather than the number of positive pregnancy tests. Our success rates for donor sperm IVF treatments between 2010-2016 show the number of pregnancies with a fetal heartbeat at 8 weeks’ gestation, according to the age of the patient:

Egg Freezing

Many women may not ready to become pregnant right away but wish to protect their ability to have a pregnancy in the future. Egg freezing is a way of prolonging fertility by freezing eggs from your prime reproductive years. Doing this offers the best chance of extending the possibility of having a family later in life.

Egg freezing is recommended if you have a medical condition that may impact your fertility or if you wish to delay pregnancy for such reasons as pursuing their career or education; not having a partner, or just not feeling ready to create your family yet.

Waterstone Clinic is the only clinic in Ireland to be licensed for Open System Vitrification, the most successful method of egg freezing. This system is used widely in Europe and has proven to deliver better success rates. Frozen eggs do not guarantee a baby, but offer reasonable insurance.

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