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At Waterstone Clinic, we are here to support you every step of the way. We understand that our patients’ journeys are unique, and so too are their needs. As part of our Wellness at Waterstone Clinic programme, we have a number of webinars and podcasts to make sure everyone has access to evidence-based information about fertility.


Fertility Webinars

In this ongoing webinar series, we’re covering all the things you need to know about fertility.

I’d Like To Know….. If I Have A Fertility Problem

In this webinar, Dr Orla Power discusses normal fertility and when to get checked, what the tests are, and common fertility issues and what can be done about them.

I’d Like To Know….. is IVF Right For Me?

Dr John Waterstone, founder and Medical Director of Waterstone Clinic, discusses all things IVF: what it is, what the process is, who it might be for and all the decisions made along the way throughout the fertility journey.

I’d Like To Know….. Should I Freeze My Eggs?

In this webinar, Dr Orla Power discusses egg freezing, and answering viewers questions from what the right age is, who should consider it, and what the process involves.

Fertility First: Understanding Your Options

In a round table discussion, Síle Seoige, Dr John Waterstone, fertility nurse Laura Hackett, and IVF mum Ciara come together to discuss getting started and the experience of fertility treatment with answers to some frequently asked questions

IMAGE Talks Fertility….. Podcast Series

The journey toward starting a family is an exciting time, even if it isn’t always easy. Over two seasons, our fertility podcast – IMAGE Talks Fertility – helps break down all of this information, opening conversations and demystifying fertility in Ireland today.

Our host, IMAGE Magazine editor Dominique McMullan, talked to women and men about their fertility journeys and to the experts to answer all your questions.

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Season 2 Ep 1: Getting Started

In episode one, we are starting at the very beginning: everything you need to know about getting started on your fertility journey. Dominique sits down with Laura Hackett, Fertility Nurse Specialist at Waterstone Clinic.

Season 2 Ep 2: IVF at 40

In episode two, Dominique asks Dr John Waterstone, Medical Director of Waterstone Clinic, what are the chances of success when you’re over 40? She then talks to mum Maria who started treatment at age 40.

Season 2 Ep3: Male Fertility

In episode 3, Dr Tim Dineen, specialist in male fertility, tackles some of the facts and myths, and Àine and James, a couple who have experienced male factor infertility, recount their experiences and advice.

Season 2 Ep4: Egg Donation

In episode 4, Dominique speaks with Dr Eithne Lowe, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine about treatment options using donor eggs, and speaks to fertility counsellor Marian O’Tuama about what “implications counselling” is and getting ready for donor-assisted treatment.

Season 2 Ep5: Fertility & the Holiday Season

In the final episode of the season, Dominique hosts a special round table discussion with Dr Eithne Lowe, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine; Laura Hackett, Fertility Nurse Specialist; and Marian O’Tuama, fertility counsellor. Sitting together, these experts discuss managing the holiday season, and any social event, where questions might be asked. Speaking about support, they each offer their advice for preparing and give their tips and tricks for the holiday period.

IMAGE Talks Fertility Podcast – Season 1

Ep 1: Solo Motherhood

In episode one, we talked to Clodagh who had a baby using donor sperm. Fertility Nurse Mary McAuliffe answers all the questions about the process.

Seaons 1 Ep 2: Egg Freezing

In episode two, we talked to Georgia who underwent egg freezing to preserve her fertility due to a medical condition. Fertility Nurse Laura Hackett explains how the treatment is a proactive way of protecting your fertility options.

Season 1 Ep 3: Same-Sex Couples

In episode three, Dominique is joined by Sarah, who built her family with her wife Ger using donor sperm. Ursula Lynch, fertility nurse and donor sperm coordinator at Waterstone Clinic answers all the questions about the process and how to get started.

Season 1 Ep 4: IVF Treatment

In episode four, Dominique is joined by Dee, mum of two girls via IVF. She is then joined by Dr Eithne Lowe, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, to ask all the questions about the procedure and process of IVF treatment.

Season 1 Ep 5: Fertility and the Workplace

In episode five, Dominique speaks to Anne O’Leary, Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ireland, and Susan Waterstone, Clinic Manager at Waterstone Clinic, to discuss fertility in the workplace and how workplaces can support team members who are undergoing treatment.

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