Embryoscope +

At Waterstone clinic we have invested in the most advanced time-lapse technology – the Embryoscope plus. Unlike most other fertility clinics we do not charge our patients for embryo incubation in the Embryoscope.

Embryoscope+ is the most advanced Embryoscope on the market allowing for greater embryo capacity. It is a very reliable incubator offering stable temperature and gas conditions that incorporates a camera that regularly captures cell division as the embryo develops. These images can be reviewed at any time by our team of highly trained embryologists without removing the embryos from the incubator. The use of this technology can aid in the selection of the best quality embryo for transfer in situations where embryo selection is proving difficult.

Many clinics claim that the use of time-lapse incubation itself improves livebirth rates from IVF/ICSI treatment. We strongly believe in the skill of our highly trained embryologists, who have consistently delivered superior success rates at our clinic, and view Embryoscope as an aid to their expertise.

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