Paying for Treatment

We understand that paying for fertility treatment can be a worry, and it can be challenging to plan for what you will need.

To keep fertility costs simple and straightforward, we package our treatment costs. This keeps our fertility treatments affordable and gives you assurance as to what is included. We provide specific price lists that detail all the costs involved and other services you may need or wish to consider. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.



Tax Rebates: Med1 Medical Expenses Returns

Health expenses are claimed through your Income Tax Return. If you are a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxpayer, you also have the option to claim relief in real-time during the year. Fertility expenses can be submitted for a standard 20% tax relief through the tax relief for medical expenses scheme if they have not been reclaimed elsewhere (e.g. via your health insurance).  Click here for more information. 

Drugs Payment Scheme

Irish residents can access financial support for their fertility medications through the Drugs Payment Scheme. Drugs used as part of fertility treatment are covered under this scheme where there is a maximum charge of €80 per calendar month for medications (paid to the pharmacy of your choice). The balance of the cost of medications will be covered by the Irish government.  You must apply for your DPS card via the HSE.

Employee Benefits

When planning your treatment, please check with your employer as to your employee benefits. Many employers now provide health insurance or dedicated fertility benefits for their employees undergoing fertility treatment.

We are delighted to partner with FERTIFA, the UK’s leading reproductive benefits provider which now supports companies in Ireland.

Health Insurance

We are very happy to assist you with invoices and receipts on your patient portal which can be used to submit claims to your health insurance provider. Please check your individual insurance provider for what they may cover as part of your individual plan.

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