Waterstone Clinic are delighted to offer e-referrals for all GPs referring patients to our service via HealthLink.

GPs can send online referrals directly to Waterstone Clinic through their secure and simple practice management system. E-referrals can be sent during your patient’s consultation and a copy of the referral and resulting appointment will be automatically saved into your patient’s records, freeing up your administration time.

E-referrals are FAST – they can be completed in a minute or two, sent in seconds, and SIMPLE, sent using your own system via Healthlink, and SECURE.

Below are instructions for your practice management system, should you need them.


Waterstone Clinic – Socrates GP eReferrals Mini Guide

Waterstone Clinic – HPM GP eReferrals Mini Guide

Waterstone Clinic – Healthone GP eReferrals Mini Guide

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