Double Donation

Double Donation & Embryo Donation

We are able to facilitate double donation (where embryos are created from donor eggs and donor sperm) and treatment with donated embryos.

Double Donation

Our egg donation co-ordinator and sperm co-ordiantor will work with you to choose donors who match your preferences. Once you have chosen your donors, the gametes are imported and the emrbyos are developed in our lab while you are prepared for treatment.

Embryo Donation

Many couples who have successfully completed IVF treatment in our clinic have frozen embryos in storage. If they feel their family is complete and they will not be using the embryos, following a counselling session to explore their decision, many will donate them for others to use in treatment. The embryos are donated anonymously and can be an incredible gift to individuals who may need sperm and egg donors to conceive.

Waterstone Clinic is authorised to carry out embryo donation in Ireland by The Health Products Regulatory Authority.

For more information on double donation or embryo donation, please contact our Co-ordinator Eilis McCarthy on: 021 4865764 or via

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