What to consider when choosing a fertility clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic is a particularly critical decision that should not be taken lightly. It can be very overwhelming when couples are faced with trying to make a decision that will have such an important impact on their life.

In order to find the right fertility clinic to meet your needs, be sure to take the time to thoroughly research any clinic you may consider. Although it is easy to do, pursuing fertility testing and treatment is a big step and can also involve a large amount money and certainly lots of time. You should choose only the very best.

Be Knowledgeable and Informed

Choosing a fertility clinic is a very personal, yet subjective decision. Often women or couples are referred to a particular clinic by their GP or gynaecologist or given a recommendation from friends and relatives.

Even if you are given a recommendation, it is important to do your own research in advance of visiting a clinic. It is to your benefit to be a well-informed and knowledgeable when visiting a clinic for the first time.

Evaluate Clinic Options

When researching possible fertility clinics, there are several ways to find information:

• Most fertility clinics have valuable information on their website

• Speak to a clinic representative over the phone or in person

• Speak with current or former patients (via local infertility support groups)

Success Rates

Review fertility clinic success rates.

Ask Questions

A fertility clinic is only as good as its doctors and staff. Questions to consider when choosing a fertility clinic include:

  • Do the doctors and staff take time to answer all of your questions?
  • When and where were the doctors trained?
  • It is important to determine if they are board certified reproductive specialists.
  • Does the fertility clinic have an andrologist? If you’re dealing with male infertility issues, having an andrologist available is important. If you’re dealing with endometriosis or any other structural issues, a reproductive surgeon available at the clinic is definitely a plus.
  • How many reproductive specialists work at the clinic?
  • Will your case be managed by one doctor or a team, and who will you see during your visits? If your case is complex, having a team can be beneficial.
  • How long have the director and staff been with the clinic? The longer employees stay with the fertility clinic, the more likely the working environment runs smoothly, creating a positive atmosphere for you and your partner.

If you decide to pursue testing and treatments, you may be working closely with the clinic staff for a long time, therefore, you will want to find a team that not only cares, but also knows how to best help you.