Budget 2023: IVF Funding Announcement 

Statement from the Waterstone Clinic Team, Thurs 29 Sept 2022

“We welcome the news that the Irish government intends to publicly fund IVF from late 2023. Ireland has lagged behind other European countries in its support of those who need assistance to build their families, and this announcement is long-awaited. We understand from the media that a fund of €10 Million will be available initially, with services provided through private clinics. The government has not yet communicated with IVF providers to make plans, and we have no information on who will qualify for funding, or what services will be covered.

We hope that the assistance will be universal and that it will cover the full range of services, including Pre-implantation Genetic Testing to avoid the risk of a patient’s child inheriting a monogenic disorder that runs in their family. 

We hope the government will specify its plans as soon as possible and we look forward to this step of making treatment more readily available to all, without delay.” 



For More Information:


Budget 2023: https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/budget/ 

RTE News: https://www.rte.ie/news/health/2022/0928/1326027-budget-2023-ivf-treatment/