Egg Donation Seminar

4th Sep, 2014

Information will be provided by Dr. John Waterstone, Waterstone Clinic and by Dr. Gilbert Mottla, Shady Grove Fertility on their joint International Donor Egg Programme. This programme enables patients to access the support services provided locally by the team at Waterstone Clinic while availing of the vast donor egg database available at Shady Grove Fertility. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and couples to learn first-hand about the egg donation treatment process. The International Donor Egg teams from both clinics will be available to discuss the benefits of their collaborative approach and to answer any questions.

In recent times, the popularity of Egg Donation has increased as a fertility treatment option for both couples and individuals. Egg donation (where the eggs of a younger woman are substituted for the woman’s own eggs) is a wonderful development made possible by IVF technology. In the past women faced a childless future or looked to adoption; however Egg Donation now enables these women to experience pregnancy and have babies.

Egg Donation in Ireland is altruistic, meaning women are not compensated for donating their eggs however they may receive expenses for medical appointments and time off work. Many other countries pay egg donors and thus have a supply of eggs readily available. It is for this reason many Irish couples are forced to travel abroad.

Dr. John Waterstone, Medical Director of Waterstone Clinic, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Shady Grove, “Shady Grove Fertility delivers highly successful treatment without unnecessary and expensive tests which is perfectly in tune with Waterstone Clinic’s philosophy of care”.

Shady Grove Fertility also offers a unique service where they will treat a couple with up to six cycles of egg donation and will then refund the couple completely if they have still not had a baby”, he says.

Eilis McCarthy, Egg Donation coordinator, is delighted to say that almost all of the couples who have utilised the Shady Grove facility have become pregnant on their first attempt.

One patient who experienced the International Donor Egg Programme reflected “We analysed and agonised, it seemed like a huge amount of money but we had already spent that amount and more and had no child. Here was a clinic guaranteeing a live birth through six donor egg attempts or they would refund our money. According to my husband, it was a “no brainer”.”

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