IVF Treatment: Anne Marie's Story

Annemarie Eade went through the heartache of ectopic pregnancies but after successful IVF treatments was finally able to bring two beautiful children into the world. Here is her story of how IVF treatment at Waterstone Clinic helped her to grow her family.

PGS Treatment: Niamh and Rick's Story

Listen to Niamh & Rick O'Donovan's story of how after the pain of multiple miscarriages, PGS treatment at Waterstone Clinic helped them bring little Katie O'Donovan into the world.

Male Infertility: Rick's Story

Fertility treatment in the past had been seen as a bit of a "taboo" subject but after being through treatment at Waterstone Clinic with his wife, Rick O'Donovan discusses how this is no longer the case and how he found more and more people are now open about their own fertility issues and treatments

IVF Treatment: Debbie's Story

Debbie Wall spent 6 years trying to conceive naturally without success. Listen to her story of how IVF at Waterstone Clinic helped to bring her 2 children into the world.

PCOS: Alison's Story

Alison was having trouble getting pregnant after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in her 20's.  Listen to her story of how Waterstone Clinic helped her to bring little Casey into the world.

Unexplained Infertility: Aisling & Alan's Story

Aisling & Alan thought they would have children naturally, but after repeatedly trying and getting doubts they decided to seek help. Listen to their story of how Waterstone Clinic helped them become parents.
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