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We are passionate about the importance of an early fertility assessment. Every day we see couples who are struggling to get pregnant. One of the more common causes of difficulty conceiving is low ovarian reserve. A low ovarian reserve is usually due to the natural decline in fertility that happens as women get older (particularly > 35 years) but it is important to say that a low ovarian reserve can occur in younger women with no warning signs. Our fertility assessment service, by means of straightforward and informative investigations coupled with expert advice from our fertility consultants, empowers you with knowledge of your fertility potential.

You may be planning to try for a baby in the near future, planning to travel the world or pursue your career first- an early fertility assessment can help you plan accordingly. The results may be normal and reassuring allowing you to pursue those other goals with confidence but where an abnormal result is found our fertility specialists can help you to maximise your fertility and the chance of having a baby.

My Fertility Check is a self-referral fertility assessment service available to both individuals and couples.

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What tests does a fertility assessment involve?

Female fertility check

AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone) blood test
This simple blood test helps measure your ovarian reserve (how may eggs you have remaining). A woman’s ovarian reserve is the single most important marker of her fertility potential.

Transvaginal Ultrasound scan
This specialised scan, carried out by fertility specialists, measure the antral follicle count on each ovary- another marker of ovarian reserve. It also allows the consultant to check for the health of the pelvic organs, specifically the womb and ovaries- looking for any fibroids or polyps that might impinge on a pregnancy implanting in the womb and checking for ovarian cysts that may be affecting fertility.

Fertility consultation
Importantly, the fertility check-up involves a detailed consultation with one of our fertility consultants to help you understand your results. The consultant will review your medical history, discuss any lifestyle changes that need to be addressed and explain the significance of the results in detail. If any other investigations are required they will be arranged for you and a plan made according to your situation.

Male fertility check

Semen analysis
A male fertility check involves a detailed assessment of sperm health by means of a semen analysis. This straightforward test yields essential information about sperm quality in terms of count, motility and morphology. A semen analysis is the single most important marker of male fertility potential.

Fertility consultation
The fertility consultant will review your medical history and any lifestyle factors that may impact on reproductive health. The consultation with the fertility specialist will help you understand your results. The significance of any abnormal findings will be discussed in details with you and a plan made accordingly.

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