Irish experts’ fertility calculator warning

Scientists recently suggested that even if a woman wanted to have only one child she should not wait past the age of 32 to become a mother. 

The so-called fertility calculator was drawn up by scientists in the University of Sheffield who crunched fertility data on more than 58,000 women.

In response, Dr John Waterstone of the Waterstone Clinic said he feels strongly that women in Ireland should be aware of the results revealed by the fertility calculator.

Young people here should be educated on fertility issues while they are still at university and college, he suggested.

He wants to dispel the myth that it is possible for women to wait until they are in their 40s, have IVF fertility treatment and be guaranteed to have a baby.

Women in Ireland are leaving it later in life to have a baby and this is increasing their risk of failing to have children..

Eurostat revealed that 52.7pc of first-time mothers in Ireland are aged between 30 and 39, making them amongst the oldest in Europe.

But older motherhood has its advantages, according to IVF broadcaster Robert Winston.

He says he sees benefits in delaying motherhood.

They have had time to gain skills and education as well as built strong relationships which can provide children with a more stable upbringing.

Health & Living, Irish Independent 28th September 2015