A message from our family to yours:


A message from Dr John Waterstone, Medical Director

Please bear with us while we work our way through contacting each of our patients. We will give priority to patients who were cancelled/delayed and will schedule at the nearest available time. If you would like to speak to one of the team, feel free to contact us on 0818 333 310 / [email protected]

The safety and welfare of our patients and staff are of utmost importance to us at Waterstone Clinic. Due to the increase of Coronavirus cases in Ireland, we have taken the decision to limit the services we can provide at the moment, and are following guidelines from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). The experts at ESHRE have advised that patients who are considering or planning fertility treatment at the moment should avoid becoming pregnant at this time due to the uncertainties around the impact of Coronavirus.  

As we
begin our phased return to providing treatment, we are following guidelines
from the HSE and ESHRE and our Clinic is COVID-19 FREE. Life at the Clinic will
not be back to normal just yet, and it will look a little different when you
attend. The first change is that we are introducing two new forms for all
patients and partners: a Patient Charter and a COVID19 Risk Assessment form.

The Patient Charter outlines your responsibilities while you are access treatment with us, and we will ask you to read, sign it and return it to us prior to attending the clinic for your next visit. The Charter describes the new procedures we will have in place, and our commitments to you to keep you safe in the Clinic so that your treatment can go ahead as planned. 

COVID-19 Risk Assessment form will help our clinical team assess the level
of risk you are exposed to in your daily life. We will ask you each to make
yourself available to complete this process by phone before treatment and again
during treatment. Treatment will not proceed without completing these steps. 

The team may suggest things to reduce your risk, to keep both you and all at the Clinic, safe from COVID-19. Risk assessment is a process, and you may be risk assessed at additional points. We would ask you to be vigilant and report any changes to your risk: we are in this together and must do all we can to protect one another as a community.

do bear with us as we implement these new policies and an additional consent
process for treatment during the pandemic. We know patients are anxious to
return to treatment, as are we, and we are doing everything we can do resume
our work safely.  

Treatment Roadmap: 

1 w/c 18 May
Fertility testing and scans 

2 w/c 25 May
IVF/ICSI Cycles and Egg Freeze cycles (priority for those who were cancelled)

3 w/c 8 June:
Cycles (priority for those who were cancelled/had freeze-all cycles)

4 w/c 15 June
OII & IUI Cycles (priority to those who were cancelled)

Sperm Cycles: 
The donor team are recommencing treatment, under the phased return. The
donor team are continuing preparatory work and ensuring compliance with the new
Irish legislation concerning donor treatments.

Egg Cycles
: We
are working hard on your behalf to resume the service and are continuing
preparatory work with patients for treatment. We are dependent on the full
removal of travel restrictions, and on the resumption of donor bank activity.
We will update you on as soon as there is new information. Once we can return,
priority will be given to those who were cancelled/delayed. The donor team are
ensuring compliance with the new Irish legislation concerning donor treatments.

Dr John Waterstone, Medical Director of Waterstone Clinic