Eilis McCarthy RGN RM HDip

Egg Donation Co-ordinator

Eilis McCarthy is a registered general nurse and midwife. She established the Egg Donation Programme at Waterstone Clinic and is responsible for the coordination of all egg donation cycles. She assists with the recruitment of egg donors and manages a support service for patients choosing to travel abroad for treatment.

Ellis joined Waterstone Clinic in 2004. She trained at the Cork Voluntary School of Nursing before completing midwifery training at the Coombe Women’s and Infants Maternity University Hospital, Dublin.


Waterstone Clinic is regulated and licensed by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), TE-007. We are inspected by the HPRA to ensure compliance with European tissues and cells legislation.

We operate a comprehensive quality management system, with regular internal audits to ensure standards are maintained. We are committed to delivering a professional service to the highest possible ethical and clinical standards.

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