Tips on choosing the right fertility clinic for you

When the time comes to choose a clinic, there are a number of factors to consider, with one of the most important being success rates.

Pregnancy rates will often be quoted on a website, but you also need to look at the live birth rate – the number of babies born per completed cycle of treatment. Pregnancy rates are usually higher than live birth rates, but it’s the chance of having a baby from treatment that you are actually interested in. A call to the clinic should give you an indication, for your age of how likely it is that you would have a baby from one treatment cycle.

It is really important that you trust the clinic and get a good feel for the team. If you have an opportunity to visit a clinic or attend an information evening, you should get a good sense of the clinic and its ethos.

Consider the opening times and the location of the clinic. It is important that the clinic is within reasonable distance of your home or work. It’s best to avoid long journeys as they will result in added stress, time off work, expense etc.

The cost of treatment is a very important factor to consider. Enquire if there will be additional costs involved or added extras, as you do not want to be faced with an unexpected bill at the end of your treatment.

You also need to be sure that the clinic offers the full range of treatment options. In addition to offering IVF, the clinic should also provide the less invasive treatments. If you are aware of a specific problem that is causing your fertility issues or contributing to it, it is always best to make a phone-call and ensure they are the best clinic to treat your concern.