Add-Ons in Fertility Treatment

The Irish Times Health Supplement (10 April) reported that many Irish fertility clinics are offering optional “extras” in IVF treatment, recommended by clinics in order to boost chances of becoming pregnant. A survey of patients being treated at two Dublin IVF clinics found that add-ons had increased the costs for 84 per cent of these patients.

Our medical director, Dr John Waterstone, has often spoken out against these extras as they cost patients “several thousand more euro than they had anticipated spending in the course of an IVF treatment cycle”. Dr Waterstone has suggested that the Department of Health should be aware of the potential for “financial exploitation” of patients in the area of assisted reproduction, and has urged that IVF clinics be regulated. He strongly encourages patients to check what is, and is not, included in the prices quoted by clinics.  

Waterstone Clinic operates with transparency at its core. Our clinic is committed to providing treatments that are evidence-based and proven to succeed. We make no empty promises, and we perform no unnecessary tests. Our treatment costs are all-inclusive, and there are no hidden extras. 

Where to Start

There are many “add on” treatments patients can access when pursuing IVF treatment, Dr John Waterstone notes that “none are likely to increase the chance of taking home a baby.” The clinicians at Waterstone Clinic only suggest tests and treatments that are medically warranted. We believe our skills, experience and state-of-the-art facilities give our patients the best chance possible to achieve their goal, without these expensive extras.