Early Pregnancy Scanning

Waterstone Clinic  CORK  can offer very early pregnancy scanning from 6-10 weeks.

Our expert ultrasonographers will scan to check that the pregnancy is developing as it should and if the pregnancy is single or multiple.

This scan is reassuring for patients who are concerned about miscarriage. If a pregnancy appears viable at 9 weeks, miscarriage after that point is very unlikely.

Our ultrasonographers will provide you with a detailed scan report, including measurements which establish gestational age accurately and establish an estimated due date.

Accurate dating of the pregnancy is important for parents who intend to have non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). NIPT can be arranged by Waterstone Clinic and it involves a simple blood test that screens pregnancies for chromosomal conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome or Patau Syndrome. The Harmony test can be carried out after 10 weeks.

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