At Waterstone Clinic, we use a technique known as vitrification to freeze embryos. This involves freezing the embryo about 600 times faster than in conventional slow rate freezing. This ultra-rapid process is so fast that it allows no time for ice crystals to form in the embryo. As a result, vitrification avoids trauma to the embryo.

Slow-rate (conventional) freezing methods had significantly poorer success rates. This was due to 20-30% of embryos not surviving the freeze-thaw process, and those that did survive had less than 50% chance of resulting in a pregnancy than freshly transferred embryos. In contrast, vitrified embryos have a greater than 80% freeze-thaw survival rate, and a pregnancy generating potential that is comparable to fresh embryos.

What people say...

After 18 months of trying to conceive, we were referred to Waterstone Clinic by our GP...

D & P Tipperary

Dr Waterstone’s clinic was so supportive throughout all our treatment - always there to help and answer any of our questions...

T & C Waterford

However, from the moment we met with Dr Waterstone and his team, we were so supported through our journey and any fears...

A & K Cork

Dr. Waterstone’s investigations were so thorough and our treatment programme was conducted to a completely different level of care.

L & B Dublin

You sometimes have to take a leap of faith and go for it.

T & C Cork

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