Patient Portal: e-SET

Waterstone Clinic was the first clinic to introduce a successful blastocyst programme to Ireland where embryos are cultured for 5-6 days in the laboratory before transfer. This lead to actively promoting blastocyst culture with elective Single Embryo Transfer (e-SET).

Elective single embryo transfer is promoted as gold standard practice by international regulatory bodies. The aim is to reduce the incidence of twin pregnancies which are inherently more complicated than pregnancies with one baby.

The e-SET programme at Waterstone Clinic is highly successful. Currently the live birth rate for first-time IVF/ICSI treatment is 62% for women aged 40 and under.

Extended culture allows the scientist to choose the embryo with the best potential to achieve a pregnancy for transfer. Additional good quality embryos that are not transferred in a fresh cycle will be vitrified (frozen) and stored for future use giving the couple a very high chance of a second baby.

These advances have made it possible to reduce the incidence of IVF twin pregnancies for couples without reducing their chance of success. Thus, e-SET is an effective and safe way to build families, one healthy baby at a time minimising risks of pregnancy while maintaining high pregnancy rates.

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