Are you worried about your fertility?

Couples who present for investigation rarely have absolute infertility (no chance of achieving a pregnancy without help). Usually, female or male factors and sometimes both are identified, reducing the couple’s chance of conceiving spontaneously (subfertility).

Subfertility investigations determine whether a problem exists and enable a rational discussion about treatment options. At Waterstone Clinic, our philosophy is to investigate thoroughly and ethically. We offer a prompt and systematic protocol of investigations that allows couples to move quickly to the most appropriate treatment.

We will not over investigate or carry out inaccurate tests when better alternatives exist. We will not exploit patients under our care by recommending unnecessary and expensive investigations.

Minimal intervention may be recommended with management including waiting a little longer for a spontaneous conception. Equally, in certain circumstances e.g. where the woman’s age is a factor or her FSH is elevated, it may be essential to act swiftly. Whatever the situation, we ensure an efficient pathway through the investigative process and plan your care accordingly.

Who should we see about fertility concerns?

You can self-refer or seek referral through your GP or Gynaecologist. You may also self-refer via our My Fertility Check service. Ideally, some initial blood tests will be carried out prior to your consultation as having these results provides important information which enables our Fertility Specialists to give a considered opinion on the day and effectively makes the process more efficient. Don’t worry if you are unable to have the test before attending as we can arrange everything for you that day.

When should we seek referral?

A woman’s age is one of the main factors influencing her chance of conception. Ideally, investigations should be started after six months of trying if the woman is over 35 and if younger, after they have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more. Earlier investigations and referral may be justified where there are important factors in either partner’s history.

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