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For the past 15 years Waterstone Clinic has been leading the way in fertility care in Ireland. Our highly experienced doctors, nurses and embryologists have most recently achieved the births of the first babies from PGD, PGS and micro-TESE in Ireland.

We have a strong commitment to research and development with the focus always on improving outcomes for our patients.

Our laboratory was the first in the country to introduce successful blastocyst culture routinely, giving rise to an effective single embryo transfer programme with live birth rates of 65%. Our team also achieved the first live birth in Ireland after embryo vitrification in 2012.

In June 2014 Waterstone Clinic produced the first birth following embryo biopsy in an Irish clinic for Pre-implantation diagnosis (PGD). Our clinic went on to establish the first successful PGD programme in the country.

You can be assured that with our wealth of knowledge and expertise your dream of having a baby is in safe hands.

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