Counselling service

Coping with Infertility

Most people don’t anticipate having difficulties conceiving and conception usually occurs in the privacy and intimacy of one’s own home. When problems do arise, some may find it difficult to come to terms with the situation. Many may not wish family and friends to know about their problems and so find dealing with the subject of starting a family difficult and isolating.

Men and women tend to have different emotional responses to conception difficulties, and it’s not unusual for tensions to arise due to lack of discussion. Sadness and loss may also be experienced and sexual relationships may become temporarily strained as the spontaneity of intercourse can be affected.

Waterstone Clinic offers many treatment options to couples who may be experiencing fertility difficulties. While staff at the centre are available to guide and support patients through every step of their treatment, a professional counsellor plays an important role in facilitating and supporting couples through the stresses and emotions experienced.

Anyone can avail of this service at any point before, during or after treatment. Counselling is mandatory in certain circumstances, such as with donor sperm or egg treatment.

What does the counselling service offer?

  • The opportunity to explore how fertility difficulties have affected you
  • An opportunity to explore treatment options and alternative choices with a non-medical professional
  • A confidential and neutral place to tease out the implications of donor conception
  • Emotional support at times when you may be angry, upset, worried or sad

Appointments can be made by contacting reception on 0818 333 310

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