My Fertility Check

My Fertility Check is a self-referral fertility assessment service available to individuals (both men and women) and couples. This fertility "check-up" is carried out by leading medical professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.


Provides advice and information on choosing a pathway to a successful pregnancy.


National Infertility Support & Information Group

Assisting couples through their infertility journey by providing advice and information in a non-judgmental way.


Irish Fertility Society

The Irish Fertility Society was founded in 2005.  It was set up by professionals working in the field of Reproductive  Medicine in Ireland. 



Experts in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis


Vhi Fertility Programme

Provides inforation on the Fertility Programmeavaiable to members.


Fertility Friends

Provides couples with IVF support.

Making Babies

Resource website for couples experiencing difficulty conceiving; featuring blog from journalist who has also undergone fertility treatment.

Donor Conception Network

A self-help network providing advice and support for would-be and current parents dealing with egg, sperm or embryo donation.

Donor Sperm Bank - Cryos International


European Sperm Bank



This site provides guidance on self injection for patients who have been prescribed Menopur.

Resource website for fathers including; features and articles by well known journalists, consultants and health professionals on fertility and parenting.


Support forum for couples experiencing fertility difficulties.

Ovulation Calculator.

Provides fertility education & ovulation tracking tools.


110 Trying To Conceive Abbreviations including an infographic.

Irish Health

IVF discussion forum.


Clinical Nutrition Service

Provides dietetic and nutrition advice.


Twin & Multiple Birth Association.


Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority.

Irish Fertility Counsellors Association

Provides information of counselling for individuals and couples coping with the stresses of fertility treatment.


British Infertility Counseling Association.


Health Promotion

HSE Website with information on how to quit smoking and cut down on alcohol.


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