Research and Development

The area of assisted reproduction is changing at a great pace with new techniques and technologies emerging regularly. At Waterstone Clinic we believe that research is central to improving the assisted conception techniques and the chances of healthy pregnancy.

Current research projects underway at our fertility clinics:

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation study
  • Prediction of preterm labour in twin pregnancies

Current projects include an important observational study on the reproducibility and prognostic power of sperm DNA Fragmentation analysis.

Another project explores the possibility of predicting premature delivery of twin pregnancies in order to individualise embryo transfer to either 1 or 2 embryos.

During your consultation or treatment cycle, you may be invited to be involved in our research studies. You can be assured that, by taking part in a research study, there is no risk to you or your treatment cycle and you may be contributing vital information that may enhance the future of reproductive medicine.


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