Clinical Team

Our Embryologists & Research Scientists

Our success in the field of assisted reproduction can be attributed in part to our highly trained laboratory personnel. Our laboratory team is a mixture of scientists from technical, research and medical backgrounds educated to a minimum of MSc level, but most to PhD level. In addition, our andrologists and embryologists are deemed competent and certified in their speciality by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), an internationally recognised laboratory qualification. Our embryologists also participate in the Continuous Embryology Education Credit system managed by ESHRE. The team frequently attend educational and research-based national meetings and international conferences.

  Dr Tim Dineen

Head of Laboratory Services

Dr Tim Dineen graduated with a BSc and PhD from the National University of Ireland in Galway before training as an embryologist at the Galway Fertility Clinic and subsequently graduating with a Masters in Genetic Counselling from University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff. Tim is a former Chair of the Association of Irish Clinical Embryologists (ICE) and was ICE representative on the European Assisted Conception Consortium (EACC) which was established to oversee implementation of the EUTCD in assisted conception centres across Europe. Tim is one of the founding members of Waterstone Clinic, having worked at the clinic since its inception in 2002. He has helped to establish a strong link between Waterstone Clinic & NYU Fertility in New York and was awarded the Senior Clinical Embryologist certificate from the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology (ESHRE) in 2008. Tim is a member of ESHRE, ICE, ACE and the Irish Fertility Society. Tim has acted as one of the supervisors to a Doctorate of Psychological Science thesis entitled 'The Psychological Impact of Infertility and Fertility Treatment on the Male Partner'. He has also reviewed a number of articles for the internationally recognized journal Human Fertility and has recently contributed a chapter to a book entitled 'Male Infertility: Sperm Diagnosis, Management and Delivery' which was published late 2013.

  Dr Xiao Zhang

Head of Scientific Research & Development

Dr. Xiao Zhang received M.D. and practiced as a general surgeon in China. He then went on to become a researcher, studying ovary aging and ovary tissue cryopreservation. He received a PhD in Reproductive Medicine from Peking University. In 2003, he achieved the first pregnancy in China from frozen eggs. Xiao moved to Cyprus to take up the position as clinical embryologist and practiced extensively on PGD due to a high incidence of thalassemia in the local people. There he set up egg and embryo vitrification successfully in 2007. His current role in scientific research and development at Waterstone Clinic includes the development of new patient centred services such as vitrification and PGD. Xiao is an ESHRE certified Senior Embryologist and his research has been published extensively in Europe and around the world.

  Adrienn Kovacs


Adrienne Kovacs completed her studies at the University of Pecs in Hungary in 2003, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Science and a Masters of Biological Science. Her thesis focused on 'How Zinc affects Sperm count and Male Fertility'. Adri's career in embryology began at the Fertility Centre of Buda in St. Janos Hospital, Budapest in 2003. She also successfully completed a course in Vitrification in Sweden in 2007 before relocating to Ireland and joining Waterstone Clinic in 2008. Adri coordinates the centre's Donor Sperm programme.

  Ramona Mihart


Ramona Mihart is an ESHRE certified Clinical Embryologist since 2010. She graduated with distinction from the University of Bucharest with a Bsc. in Biology in 2003 before completing her Msc. in Genetics, Microbiology and Biotechnologies. Ramona spent a number of years gaining experience in embryology in Fertility Clinics in Romania before joining Waterstone Clinic in 2009. Her main interests are reproductive genetics and safety and quality in Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

  Dr Julie O'Callaghan


Dr Julie O'Callaghan graduated with a Bachelor of Genetics (honours) from University College Cork in 2004. She then proceeded to complete a PhD and post-doctoral research in the area of Molecular Genetics, specifically focusing on 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Cystic Fibrosis host interactions'. This research resulted in a number of presentations at national and international conferences as well as several peer-reviewed publications. Julie joined Waterstone Clinic in July 2011 to assist the scientific team with andrology services and to undertake research projects focusing on new developments in ART. Her current research interests lie in deciphering the relationship between sperm DNA fragmentation and fertility treatment outcomes.



Our Fertility Nurse Specialists

The nursing team at Waterstone Clinic is dedicated to supporting patients in their quest to become parents. With a background in general nursing and midwifery, they guide each couple carefully through the treatment process. Each member of the team has completed comprehensive training in fertility care to a nurse specialist level and our senior nurses are trained ultrasonographers. They regularly attend national and international best practice and research courses to update their skills and develop their knowledge base in assisted conception.

  Mary McAuliffe, RGN RM HDip

Head of Clinical Services

Mary McAuliffe is a general nurse and midwife and a founder member of the nursing team having joined the clinic in 2003 shortly after its inception. Mary has gained a vast amount of knowledge in the field of Reproductive Medicine through her work at Waterstone Clinic. She completed a certificate in counselling from the Cork Institute of Technology and is also a certified fertility ultrasonographer having completed a specialist course at the University of Derby, UK. Mary regularly mentors student midwives on female health placements at Waterstone Clinic, and has represented Irish fertility nurses on the steering committee of Insights and at infertility nursing conferences in the UK. She is an active member of the Senior Infertility Nursing Group (SING, UK) and the Irish Fertility Society.

  Eilis McCarthy RGN RM HDip

Egg Donation Nurse Coordinator

Eilis McCarthy is a registered general nurse and midwife who joined Waterstone Clinic in 2004. She completed general nurse training at the Cork Voluntary School of Nursing and her midwifery training at the Coombe Women's and Infants Maternity University Hospital, Dublin. Eilis established the Egg Donation Programme at Waterstone Clinic and is responsible for the coordination all egg donation cycles. She assists with the recruitment of egg donors and manages a support service for patients choosing to travel abroad for treatment.


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